5 Signs You Need a Replacement Roof

Understanding if your home is in need of a replacement or repair can place unnecessary stress on homeowners, but Amarillo’s Roofing Experts helps break down the top 5 signs to look for when inspecting your roofing system.

1. Constant Leaks

One of the most obvious signs of a damaged roof is leaking. Homeowners are able to find leaks during rainstorms however, there can be leaks not visible in the attic. While one or two leaks contained to the area may not be the cause of full roofing replacement, it is important to have these leaks repaired. If leaks in your roofing are more sporadically spread out, this could be cause for a new roof before the leaks cause major internal damage.

2. Interior Water Damage

If leaks on your roof are left, this could cause further damage to the interior roofing system. It is encouraged your roofing system is inspected at least once a year to ensure there is no damage to your roof that would allow for water damage. While homeowners may only want to replace the damaged shingles, if there was further damage to the home’s structure such as roof rot, other roofing structures would need to be replaced before the shingles could be.

Roof Rot

Roof rot is the rotting of the wooden roof decking that roofing shingles are nailed to. If the roofing deck becomes damaged, Amarillo roofers will be unable to properly install roofing shingles without replacing the deck, adding to the price of your repairs. There are signs you as a homeowner can use to identify if your home is suffering from roof rot.

Water Damage on the Ceiling

Water coming into your home is often a result of a damaged roofing system. This could cause visible leaks in the home after a storm.

Mold Growth

If you are noticing the growth of mold in your home, you can be suffering from a damaged roofing system. The growth or smell of mold in the attic can indicate a roofing leak or improper ventilation, especially if the insulation is wet.

Torn/Missing Shingles

With your home’s first line of defense being damaged this allows for moisture, debris, and sometimes animals to further damage your home. If moisture is able to penetrate the roofing deck, this will weaken the overall structure of your roofing.

Sunken Roof Deck

The roof deck of your home should run straight across without sagging! Sagging can be caused by a large weight of snow and ice, incorrect installation for a previous roofing company, or poorly made roofing materials. However, if you notice any sagging contact our Amarillo roofing team immediately at 806-318-2929 as this can be a sign of a major issue with the roofing support beams and studs. In worse cases, this could lead to the roof caving into the house.

It is important homeowners inspect their roofing and attic at least once a year to ensure no damage has occurred, internally or externally. A yearly roofing inspection can help homeowners protect their homes and bank accounts by avoiding costly repairs.

3. Curling/Missing Shingles

Curling and missing shingles can mean a few things homeowners should watch out for when it comes to their roofing.

Improper installation

Homeowners may not need a full roof replacement if the roofing shingles were not properly installed correctly the first time. Unqualified roofers may not use enough nails per shingle causing the shingle to curl. 


As shingles are the first line of defense against the outside world, it is important you contact Amarillo’s Roofing Experts to get your home’s roof into its best condition!

Poor Attic Ventilation

Hot air rises. This holds true in your home with the air being accompanied by moisture! With a well-ventilated attic, this is no problem as the moisture is circulated and rejected from the attic. However, if there are problems with the attic’s ventilation, this moisture is trapped into the roof decking, causing it to mold and the shingle to buckle.

Multiple Layered Roofing

In order to save a quick buck, some homeowners may choose to layer a second roof on top of the old. This is not recommended as it will later cost you more money down the road! This method could lead to shingles curling early on, and since these shingles are not nailed only to the roofing deck, they will not be as secure.

4. Growth Around Home

While greenery can add a pop of color to any room, mold & mildew are not ones you want growing in your home! This could be a sign of a leaky roof or plumbing issues. It is important you check your roofing insulation to ensure it is dry, plumbing around your home is not experiencing leaking, and the home is properly ventilated, before going forward with a costly roofing replacement.

5. Your Roofing is Old & Outdated

It could be time you update your roofing shingles simply due to wear and tear over time. Over time your roofing shingles have taken damage and deserve a facelift to not only increase curb appeal but protect the home!


Composite Shingles

20-30 years

Metal Roofing

40-70 years

Wooden Shakes

20-40 years

From damage to old age, there can be multiple factors influencing your thoughts on a roof replacement for your home. Inspecting your roofing and attic can be a great start to determining if your home is in need of a full roofing replacement or repair. If you are not sure what to look for we encourage you to check out our blog 3 Signs of Roofing Damage or contact Amarillo’s roofing experts at (806) 318-2929 or visit https://bit.ly/3n6Ev12 to schedule a FREE roofing inspection and estimate!

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