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The roof of your commercial property is your number one defense against the West Texas weather. Besides the quality of roofing materials, the efficiency of your commercial roof also depends on the technique. Wyben Roofing is a full-service roofing contractor with decades of experience installing, repairing, and replacing all types of commercial roofs. We provide commercial roofing solutions using the best quality materials and tailor our services to suit your business needs.

As your trusted commercial roof replacement contractor in Amarillo, Texas, we can handle a wide range of commercial roofing systems including Single-Ply Roofs, also known as TPO, Metal Roofs, Built-up Roofs (BUR), and Modified Bitumen for flat or low-slow roofs. Receive a 100% FREE Commercial Roof Inspection to determine whether you need Commercial Roof Repair or Replacement.

Single-Ply Roofing (TPO)

TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin) roofing is a top choice for flat roofs found in commercial buildings and modern homes. Its popularity stems from several benefits it offers, making it a preferred choice for commercial roof repair for both roofing professionals and property owners. For starters, TPO roofing is available in larger rolls that consist of rubber sheets and synthetics, which are co-polymerized to offer superior flexibility. This makes TPO particularly ideal for cold regions as it can endure freezing temperatures without becoming brittle or cracking [1].

Moreover, the larger size of TPO rolls provides an additional advantage – fewer seams. Unlike traditional roofing materials like modified bitumen, TPO’s larger rolls mean fewer seams are needed to cover the same area. This reduction in seams translates to fewer potential leak points, effectively reducing the risk of water damage and extending the lifespan of the roof [2].

One notable feature of TPO roofing is its energy efficiency. The material is often available in a white color, which reflects sunlight instead of absorbing it. This reduces the amount of heat transferred into the building, leading to lower cooling costs during summer months. This feature makes TPO an environmentally friendly choice, contributing to energy savings over time.

Furthermore, roofing professionals often recommend single-ply roofing products like TPO when replacing a flat roof. This endorsement from industry professionals can be attributed to its durability, easy installation, and low maintenance requirements [2]. In a nutshell, TPO roofing offers a robust, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution for flat roofs, making it an excellent choice for those looking to install or replace their roofing system.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are highly durable and resilient. When installed properly by a reputable and local commercial roofing contractor, metal roofs can last for 60+ years with very little maintenance.
Metal roofs are great for the West Texas climate we experience. With the ability to withstand extremely high wind gusts (up to 140mph), a metal roofing system will not crack or corrode under our weather’s pressure. ​A metal roof can also reduce energy costs  between 10% – 25%. If you are looking for fire resistance, sustainability, and aesthetic appealing roof, consider a metal roof from Wyben Roofing.
Commercial Roof Repair and Replacement Services in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle

Built-up Roofing

Commonly known as tar and gravel roofs, built-up roofing systems consist of alternating layers of durable tar or asphalt and reinforcing fabrics. These robust layers create a sturdy foundation, culminating in a final protective layer of gravel or stone. When you opt for our built-up roofing services, you’re not only investing in a time-tested roofing solution, but also choosing low maintenance and ultimate protection against the harshest elements. Our expert team is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of quality, ensuring that your built-up roof offers long-lasting resilience and peace of mind in the face of changing weather conditions and the test of time.

Modified Bitumen

Wyben Roofing offers commercial roof replacement and repair services for modified bitumen roofs. These roofs are asphalt-based and consist of five layers of roofing components, including modified bitumen membranes, adhesives, insulation, modified base sheets or plies, and surfacing. Modified Bitumen is a reliable roofing material that can withstand adverse environmental conditions.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction ensures that we provide only the best quality roofing materials to our clients. Whether you are installing or repairing your commercial roof, we have you covered!

We want you to be confident in knowing that you chose the best company for your commercial roof repair needs. Wyben Roofing has 30+ years of combined experience in roofing and construction in the Texas Panhandle area. For information on our roofing services, give us a call today at (806) 318-2929.

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