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Does Preventative Roofing Maintenance Save Money?

Does Preventative Roofing Maintenance Save Money?

Preventative roofing maintenance is important for homeowners to keep their roofs in their best condition. Like a car, investing in an oil change every 5,00 to 7,500 miles prevents the car from needing an engine replacement, the same goes for roofing!


It can be easier to replace or repair certain aspects of your roof to prevent major damages to your home.


My Roofing Doesn’t Look Damaged?

While your roofing can look as if no damage has been done, all year around your roof takes damage from weather, animals, and other external factors. Read below to learn how these factors can affect your roofing.

Damage From Weather

The most known factor for roofing damage is often the weather. From sunny days to hail storms, your roof takes damage to protect your home.

UV Rays

Oxygen can mix with the hydrocarbons in the shingles coating, breaking the protective layer down, allowing the UV rays to evaporate the material from the roofing shingles. Without the protective coating, roofing shingles are left exposed to the heat, causing them to dry out. Allowing heat into the roofing shingles can encourage expansion, followed by contraction during the cooler nights. These can create further problems by being the cause of cracks in your roofing.

Heavy Rainfall

While rain may not be a daily occurrence in the Texas Panhandle, it can still pose a threat to your roofing when a storm occurs. Heavy rainfall can involve lost shingles and create moisture in the underlayment of the roof. Leaving water damage untouched can cause further issues like moisture penetrating the roof deck and compromising the overall structural integrity of your home. 

Heavy rainfall can also reveal problem areas around your home and roofing through leaks or water spots.

Strong Winds

Whether it is the summer or winter, strong winds in Amarillo are no joke! Your roof can take damage from the gust causing shingles to fly off of your roof or loosen them. With missing shingles, your roof is exposed to other damages like water damage to your home. 

While these are just some of the signs your roof has taken damage, check out our resource at to learn more about the signs of damaged roofing.  

The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends roof maintenance be performed at least twice a year. The first one should be conducted before any major weather seasons in your area and again after. Wyben Roofing offers FREE inspections at or call 806-318-2929. 

How Does Preventive Maintenance Save Money?

As mentioned above, there are multiple ways your roof can take damage through the years. These damages, although can look small, can be the reason you need to invest in bigger projects or put your family at risk.


Amarillo Roofing Inspection

Costs Add Up, But Not How You Think!

With regular maintenance or inspections of your roofing, you may be concerned by the total expense you accumulate. While this is a reasonable concern, rest assured you are not making a mistake! 

In a study conducted by the Building Magazine with data collected by Firestone Building  Products in partnership with ProLogis, building owners who put off roofing maintenance till after a problem manifested spent an average of 25 cents per square foot. This is 11 cents more than the average of a person who proactively maintains their roof. While it might seem like only a cent difference, this is only considering the roof itself, and not other damages that can come with neglecting your roofing. 

By neglecting your roofing, you put yourself at further risk and can sometimes endanger your family. As mentioned above, you may not believe your roofing is damaged, but the damage could be occurring in places you may not notice. By postponing regular roofing maintenance or inspections, you are at high risk of property damage.  

This can be seen as a small leak that is avoided till it causes property damage or health issues. A leak can be easily overlooked and can create problems such as the leak damaging your HVAC system, electrical, walls, and other items in your home. Repairing systems or furniture in your home will add to your expenses on top of a roof repair. Leaks can manifest into bigger issues including structural damage and health issues.

With water in your home, water damage can affect the structure of your home! The water intrusion can lead to a weakened, rotten wood roof framing that will require a professional contractor to correct. Leading to higher repair costs, as it is not only our roof that is in need of a repair. Damage to the home does not end there! As a wet area, bugs might become attracted to your home as it has become a great area for them to lay eggs. When these eggs hatch they can spread bacteria or attract more bugs to the damaged area.

If the water damage is severe, you might also run into health issues caused by molding like respiratory infections, worsen allergies or even chronic headaches. 

To avoid higher repair or health costs, contact Amarillo’s roofing experts to schedule your FREE inspection at or call 806-318-2929.

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