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Pros & Cons of DIY Roofing

When you decide your roof is in need of a replacement, you may question which is best for your wallet and home, a DIY roof replacement or professional installation. 

After researching the average price of a roofing replacement, it might convince homeowners to take matters into their hands. Those handy with tools may consider saving money by supplying labor themselves, however, there are many pros and cons to installation methods. 


If you are unsure if you need to repair or replace your roof, we encourage you to check out our blog 5 Signs You Need a Replacement Roof, to learn more about the sign or contact us at to schedule a free roofing inspection. 

Pros & Cons of a DIY Roofing Replacement

The main argument why homeowners may choose to replace their own roofing is the cost. While this might hold true as homeowners do not need to pay for labor, it could later prove risky or even more expensive! 

When homeowners decide to hire an Amarillo roofing company, they will be investing more money into labor, the total cost of the project depending on the time spent, how many workers are needed for the job, and the roofing materials.

Pro: Timing (Maybe)

Many may take on the giant task of installing their own roof as they believe they will be in control of the timing of the project. While homeowners are able to begin the project whenever they’d like, it may not always be the safest decision. If a professional Amarillo roofing company delays a roofing project due to weather conditions or roofing conditions, it is important to note these are not safe conditions for the DIY builder.

Pro: Establish Own Team

Unlike a team put together by a professional roofing company, homeowners are responsible for crafting their own team. Many homeowners may want to take on this task by themselves to avoid “paying back” the extra help. This could cause problems as homeowners should strive to have their roofing project done as soon as possible to avoid further damage, debris entering the house and troubling weather conditions.

While establishing your own team might harbor more trust, not every team member may be as skilled as the homeowner and could hold back the team with repetitive mistakes that could put the team in danger.

Con: Can Be More Expensive

Homeowners may choose to replace their own roofing to save money in the short run, but by cutting these corners early on, it could be putting your home at risk later on. It is not guaranteed that a DIY roofing replacement would be correctly installed to protect the home, which could leave the home vulnerable. If a roof is not properly installed, this leaves the home in danger of debris, weather, and other damage that can be pricey repairs.  In the event of a storm, water can penetrate the roofing deck, leaving it to rot, and later damaging the roofing deck to the point of a full repair.

Con: Safety Hazard

Getting on the roof may not be for everyone. While it is a good way to examine the roofing for damage once a year, working with tools and roofing materials can be difficult for homeowners with little roofing experience. Without experience, it is dangerous to undertake a full roofing project by oneself or with a team. While height is an obvious safety concern, it is not the only one, as there can be multiple people using heavy equipment and carrying roofing materials.

Con: Lack Technical Knowledge

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