Residential Roofing Systems

Your home is one of your greatest investments; therefore, the condition of your roof should be of the utmost importance. Your roof is your home’s first defense against hail, rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions, which is why we understand the need for quality residential roofing systems and only use the top products on the market.

Whether you need a full roof replacement, repair, or maintenance, Wyben Roofing can help.

Residential Roofing Systems

Wyben's Residential Roofing Systems: Perfect for Residential Roof Replacement

Let Wyben Roofing help you achieve a beautiful new roof for your home. With over 30 plus years of combined experience in roofing and construction, you can count on us to provide a thorough inspection, followed with a detailed explanation of your roof’s current condition and your available options.

Our Residential Roof Replacement Process:

  1.  Our job is to replace your roof with top quality products, but your home and landscape around your home are also our top priority. Before we even start the roofing process, we will securely protect the landscape around your home with tarps.
  2.  Then, we will remove the old roofing material and inspect the decking to ensure a good, nailable surface.
  3.  Next up comes the felt, drip edge, starter, and valley metal. We will install new felt on your entire roof and place starter strips to prevent shingles from blowing off in the Texas Panhandle wind. We will install new 20” valley metal flashings and will place crickets on all chimneys wider than 30”, per city code for Amarillo and the surrounding areas.
  4.  Now comes your new roof. We install composition shingles with 1 ¼” nails to ensure attic decking penetration.
  5.  Finally, we will install a ventilation system on your roof per your city code. Roof ventilation is required to lower temperatures in your attic to help prolong the life of your shingles.
  6.  Lastly, yard clean up. We want you to be able to enjoy your new roof so we won’t leave a big mess behind!

Residential Roof Repairs

The roof system on your home is subject to damage as it is exposed to harsh environmental conditions such as hail storms and wind. If you notice any damage to your roof or home, such as missing shingles, discoloration, or water damage to your ceilings, Wyben Roofing can help. Our team has years of experience in pinpointing damaged areas and finding and fixing leaks. Let our highly skilled team at Wyben Roofing help get your roof back to top shape by providing you with our top roof repair services.

Composition Shingles

​Arguably the most popular and most affordable roofing material in the United States, composite shingles come in a variety of colors and styles. From a Class 3 Laminated Architectural shingle to a high-end Class 4 Presidential shingle, today’s composition shingles can add so much to your home! Our manufacturers include:

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are no longer just for commercial buildings or barns. If you’re looking for a durable option that will give your home a unique look, contact us to learn more about our metal roofs. Our manufacturers include:


Wood Shakes

Wood shakes are another great option if you’re looking for a beautiful roof to make your house stand out. Wood shakes come in both heavy-weight and medium-weight options.

If You Need a New Roof for Your Home, Trust Wyben Roofing.

Contact Wyben Roofing using the form below, or give us a call at (806) 318-2929 to get a 100% Free Roof Inspection and to learn more about the residential roofing systems and other services we offer and the products we use.

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