Best Season for Roofing Replacments in Amarillo

Roofing. What is the Number 1 Season to Best Schedule my Roofing Replacement?

Roofing and all the details around it can pose many questions for those looking to replace their roofs. We hope to help answer any questions many may have about selecting the best season to schedule a roof replacement.


Fall is arguably the best time to replace your roof. The weather is usually quite mild during this season, with it being neither too hot nor too cold. These temperatures, typically also have lower humidity, which allows the shingles to have ample time to seal properly before the colder temperatures and snow begin. A drawback to having a roof replacement in the fall is having less daylight, which could cause the roofing process to last longer than a roofing replacement in a different season. Another variable to consider when selecting a time to have a roofing replacement is the waitlist. Since Autumn is one of the best seasons to replace home roofing, your roofer contractor could be busier than usual. It is best to schedule your roofing replacement as soon as possible to ensure you the best timing for your roofing needs.

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Spring is a good time to replace your roof. In the Spring, usually, people aren’t attempting to get a replacement roof urgently since winter has passed. Another benefit of replacing your roof in the Spring is more mild temperatures, which can make things easier for your roofing contractor. If the weather is warm enough, the sealant and adhesive should not have a problem adhering correctly to the home. The disadvantage of scheduling a roofing replacement in Spring, especially in the Texas Panhandle, is the unpredictable weather. It could be rainy, extremely windy, or even snowing. The unpredictable weather may take longer than intended because of this unpredictability. 



Summer is a great time to replace your roof. Summer weather is pretty consistent. With the weather being consistently hot, it is beneficial because the heat helps the adhesive activate and adhere correctly. This can help the roof last longer and reduces the need for repairs of lost or loose shingles. The downside to summer roofing is obviously the heat. Your roof gets much hotter than the ground temperatures. Also, if it’s too hot, the shingles can soften, becoming less durable and easier to obtain damage.



In the Panhandle of Texas, it is well known that winter could bring any weather. It could be predicted that there will be little to no snow and will bring a “snowmageddon”. With this being true, Winter may not be the best option for roof replacement. However, roof work is not impossible. One of the biggest pros is that roofers’ schedules are not as jam-packed in the winter. This means that you can schedule them quickly and not have to schedule them so far in advance. This can be very handy if you are having roof emergencies as well.

There are some cons though. One could be the cold weather causing shingles to be stiff, which can make them more difficult to cut and nail down. Also, as mentioned before, the adhesive and sealant used to install the shingles is activated by heat. If it’s too cold, the adhesive may not properly adhere, which in turn could cause you to need repairs prematurely.


Although there are advantages and disadvantages to each season, the best time to replace your roof, is when you are ready!  Roofing replacements are a great investment and will help protect your home. If you are considering a roofing replacement, give us a call at (806) 318-2929 or contact us at for a free inspection and estimate!

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