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Vinyl Siding Installers Near Me
Vinyl Installed by Siding Contractors on a Beautiful Home with Cultured Stone Finish
Vinyl siding adds magnificent beauty and style to your home. A style that adds more curb appeal to your property. The various textures and colors of siding make it appealing for home cladding. You can use paint to further enhance the appearance of the siding. When you pick a color scheme that matches the outer design you add a sense of style that compliments the home.
Vinyl siding is durable and can stand up to the bitter weather conditions in Amarillo and the Texas Panhandle. It also offers an extra layer of insulation to your home or business. This can reduce your HVAC unit’s usage and lower your utility bill.
Adding siding to your home can also increase the value of your property and boost its equity. An increase in equity can allow you to afford that home remodel you’ve been dreaming about. When your home’s value increases you can also sell your home for more money if you decide you want another house.
Should you decide to keep your home it can also make your home one of the most beautiful homes in the neighborhood. Home improvements can also inspire your neighbors to make improvements to their property. This drives up the property value of all homes on the block.
nice house white vinyl siding 400 300
Nice Home with White Vinyl Siding Installed
vinyl siding on a large house 400 x 300
Large Home with Light Tan Vinyl Siding
vinyl siding on a stone home 400 x 300
Light Gray Textured Vinyl Siding on Stone

Top Benefits of Vinyl Siding

Homeowners can change the look of their exterior finish by installing vinyl siding. Vinyl siding gives the home an affordable upgrade. It’s the number one choice for many homeowner projects. According to reports, the popularity ranges from 30-70% among US residents. This is because it has one of the most affordable price points when compared to other siding choices. Materials such as steel and copper siding are more expensive to install, but can last longer. Vinyl siding last between 20-40 years.

vinyl siding on stone 600 x 450
Vinyl Siding on Stone

3 Prominent Vinyl Siding Styles

Modern vinyl siding comes in many attractive surface styles. Styles like brick, stone, and even wood. It can mimic the appearance of natural-looking wood shakes.

Another popular aesthetic choice is board and batten siding. This type of siding is usually made of wood, but vinyl siding can create a similar texture appearance.

Clapboard siding is also popular and uses overlapping boards. Overlapping boards can use real wood or use imitation wood made from vinyl siding. The overlapping boards provide a moisture-resistant barrier that keeps water out. Contractors use nails to attach these boards to a building’s exterior.

10 Popular Vinyl Siding Colors

Manufacturers use many popular colors to dye siding at the factory.

This provides a huge advantage over vinyl siding which uses paint to color match an exterior.

Siding that uses paint will color fade in time due to the heat of the sun and its UV rays.

This does not happen with siding that receives pigment during the manufacturing process. Here are some popular color choices.

Some Light Colors for You to Consider

1. Coastal Blue:

Blue has gained popularity in all color shades in recent years. Although Blue is a dominant color, it adds a sense of comfort that brings out a sense of serenity and peace.

2. Gray

For several years now, gray has been the hottest new neutral color that everyone loves. So if you like neutral colors, but don’t like shades of tan or cream, you may like Flagstone. Flagstone blends well with black and white tones but has the power to make a red door stand out. It can also serve as a background for blue accents.

Customers Love These Dark Colors

3. Autumn Red:

Can evoke strong emotions in viewers. And looks like an old rusty barn that receives its color from linseed oil. It’s a universal color that is closer to brown or rust in appearance. When done right it leaves viewers longing for the good ol’ days.

4. Maple:

Light translucent color with natural tones, and touch of woodland personality.

5. Forest Green:

This color is popular up North and in rural areas. Contractors use it and its many shades to bring out the beautiful hues already present in nature. It reminds you of gorgeous trees on a mid-summer day. And makes a perfect background for bolder colors like black trim or a dark red shutter.

Everything Looks Good with Neutral Colors

6. Cypress:

This color is like the color of a pine tree. This gentle green, seen in conservative areas also works well with natural tones. These colors are in trees, woods, and fields around homes in rural communities.

7. Desert Tan:

A neutral color that blends well with other colors in its surroundings. This color won’t clash with neighboring colors or cause your property to stand out. The use of green can make the color tones pop.

More Popular Color Choices

8. Emerald Green:

A true color stain used to cover the entire surface area of a home. You can also combine it with another stain to create a remarkable accent color for trim. It brings out the total depth of the wood grain styling.

9. Sable Brown:

A dark warm color seen on homes in the south. It creates a beautiful backdrop for many color palettes. For something more dynamic pair it with dark reds and rust colors.

10. Snow White:

If you want a classic look for your home, choose Snow White. It creates a fresh appearance that looks clean and blends well with other classic colors. Colors like gray, red, and black look great on traditional construction.

Have a color preference not mentioned here, just ask. There’s a good chance we have it or can get it for you.

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yellow vinyl siding 600 x 450
Yellow Vinyl Siding

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vinyl on an old school house 600 x 800
Vinyl Siding On an Old School House
vinyl siding on a set of mailboxes 600 x 450
Vinyl Siding on a Set of Mailboxes
beige vinyl siding
Beige Vinyl Siding On a Two-Story Home


Q: What is the average cost of labor to install vinyl siding?

A: If you hire a professional to install your vinyl siding, the labor costs will be around $3.70 per square foot. Labor costs between $2-$5 per square foot. Siding Cost varies depending on where you live and the time of year.

Q: How much siding can a contractor install in a day?

A: A two-man crew can install approximately 40 square feet per hour, or 400 square feet in a 10-hour day.

Q: What is the least expensive siding for a home?

A: Siding your home with vinyl is the least-priced option. Vinyl siding is also available for as little as $2 per square foot. It’s important to compare the cost to install with the visual appeal of the siding.

Q: How long does vinyl siding usually last?

A: Vinyl siding can last up to 60 years with very little effort or cleaning on your part. Routine maintenance and once-a-year hand washing can extend that life up to 100 years.

Q: How many square feet in one square of vinyl siding?

A: One square equals 100 feet. To see how many squares your home or business needs, multiply height x width, then divide by 100. This will give you the total number of squares.

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