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What to Expect During a Wyben Amarillo Roofing Repair

Investing in a roofing repair can be nerve-wracking for homeowners. You are trusting a team to come to your home and work on your home’s first line of defense, the roof. Through this blog, we break down what you can expect from a Wyben Amarillo Roofing residential roofing project.

Before We Begin Working on Your Roofing Project

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We understand how important your lawn is to you, and we plan to keep it that way. Before we begin any roofing projects, we secure tarps around the home to protect your landscaping and your home. 

You put a lot of work into your home and lawn, and we will ensure that we keep the lawn and home looking the same as it did when we first started working.

After ensuring the safety of your lawn, we will then begin to remove the old roofing material to further inspect the deck. By doing this, our team of experts is able to determine if any other repairs need to be made before moving onto the shingles. If your deck is damaged, we will need to repair it before moving on as this is what the shingles will be nailed into. 

During Your Roofing Project

When our roofing team is confident your decking is in good shape, we will then begin to install brand new roofing felt, or underlayment, and place starter strips to help prevent the shingles from flying off in the gusty Texas Panhandle winds. We then install 20” valley metal flashings to protect your home from water damage or leaking, per the City of Amarillo roofing code. If your home has a chimney, we will also install crickets, wider than 30” to help divert water build-up against the flat walls.

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After ensuring the skeleton of your roofing project is completed, we are then able to move on to installing your selected shingles. Our roofing team is then able to install composition roofing shingles with 1 ¼ “ nails to guarantee the shingles are securely nailed to the decking of the home. 

To complete the roofing project, our team will install a ventilation system per your city code needs. Roofing ventilation is required for every homeowner to lower the temperature in your attic to help prolong the life of your shingles.

After We Complete Your Roofing Project

We keep things simple so you can enjoy your new roof. Following your roofing project, our crew is fully responsible for cleaning up any debris from the old roof that is left behind. We will NOT leave a big mess for you to clean up.

At Wyben Amarillo Roofing, we strive to deliver not only high-quality roofs but also great customer service. Because of this, we are able to say we were voted Best Roofing Company of Amarillo for a reason! 

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense against the outside world, and our Amarillo roofing experts are ready to help! 

Contact us to schedule your FREE inspection at https://bit.ly/3n6Ev12 or call 806-318-2929.

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